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Glass Replacement

Benefits of having an intact windshield are the Complimentary optical quality, Noise reduction by its acoustic nature, Adequate Ultra violet Screening.

Replacement process taking just a couple of hours "Can save even your life". 

Fast-Fix your service provider, lends you the first-rate services in Kuwait.

Replacing process is as follows: 

  • Unfastening (Detaching) Worn out windshield perimeter trim
  • Dismantling the windshield 
  • Cleansing out the pinch weld section
  • Uniformly Applying Urethane
  • Installation of the new windshield

Glass Repair

Fast-Fix personnel adhesive techniques build the trust and enhance the company's performance by transforming even the minor broken glass into a poreless surface.

Replacement is easy whereas repairing involves lot of work, and requires efficient and well-experienced technicians. Chill out!! Fast-Fix has the best workforce, which fulfills your demands.

Repairing process involves :

  • Covering the Hood and Seats
  • Cleaning the surface
  • Vacuums air from the broken glass
  • Injecting Glass healer Resin
  • Curing with UV Lamp

Glass Polish

Windshield glass pitting is a major problem prevailing in the desert areas. As the dust air hits the surface of windshield it creates pit on the glass surface, which creates an obscure movement in the wiper, through which the dust particles spreads all over the shield and the scratch develops. Polishing process helps in removing the scratches on the windscreen and increasing the visibility.

Polishing involves :

  • Wiping dusts with cotton
  • Cleaning with normal water
  • Using formulated chemicals and polishing tools

Windscreen Repair

Chip repairing or glass repairing by Fast-Fix is fast and convenient. Our expertise will reach your convenient spot. Before the technician arrives, please do make sure that your vehicle is parked with enough space to fully open both the front doors. 

Process Involves :

  • Covering damage entirely with primer
  • Vacuum suction cup is applied to remove any dirt or moisture.
  • Resin applying over the damage portion
  • Applying a resin hardener
  • Polish the repair and
  • Clean the rest of the windscreen.

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Headlight Polish/restoration

Is your Headlight Appearing Cloudy or Hazed?

If so, It can highly dimish your vehicle Headlight Output range, which leads to various safety issues, especially while driving at night.

Fast-Fix restores it with simple, rapid & effective techniques in minimal outlay.

The results will be unbelievable,leaving your vehicle headlight glass crystal clear with maximum light output and thereafter no worries having cloudy headlights.





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