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Marcy’s QuickCure gel saves you both time and money. It cures real quick—half the time compared to other gels. And the QC12, with three times the gel (and extra nozzles), gives you multiple uses with a single dispenser. This cuts waste and cost. Quick, convenient, and cost-saving. Now NAGS listed.

  • Save Time—cures in under 4 minutes at 70° (less than half the time of leading gels)
  • Cut Waste—use just what you need with the multi-use QC12
  • Save Money—lower price, plus quick cure and no-waste means big savings
  • Clean & easy removability when fully cured—great for repeat customer/warranty work
Attachment Tape

Attachment Tape is a general purpose, permanent, hi-bond adhesive for attachment of toll-pass and GPS devices, loose cowl or interior panels, trim pieces to the windshield, this tape is like 3M double tape

Retention Tape


Securely holds moldings in place until urethane cures, our tape removes cleanly without leaving residue. Available in our trademark orange, and in blue or clear; printed and non-printed.

Sensor Pads

Marcy Sensor Pads are made using a special, fingerprint-resistant silicone. The patented clamshell molds produce a consistent shape and thicker pad, making for a better fit and contact to glass. Helps you to avoid air pockets. Protective package makes pads easy to remove and apply, free from contaminants. No hassles with bags or hard-to-remove liners. User-friendly, cost-effective, consistent quality. Marcy Sensor Pads. Now NAGS listed.

Quality Lucas Glass

Lucas Glass certifies that all its products, laminated glass (windscreens for passenger cars, light and commercial vehicle) and tempered glass (rear and side glass) are manufactured to the most stringent quality standards in place for the automotive sector. The full range is compliant of European safety regulation.

Commitment To Security (adas System)

ADAS SYSTEM, Advance Drivers Assistance Systems, Lucas Glass comitted with safety. Our Lucas Glass front windscreens are manufactured to strict OE level characteristics. This assures perfect calibration of cameras and any other electronic safety equipment fitted on the vehicle´s glass.

Properties Of Glass

HEATED (thermal)
SOLAR CONTROL (athermal)

Passenger cars. / Comercial vehicle. / Trucks. / RV (Recreational vehicles).

Heated tempered rear glass.

Tinted, tempered or laminated safety glass.

Tempered side glass, fixed or mobile.

Mouldings. / Tools


TOTALSEAL 180 is a single part, polyurethane based sealant. It requires no mixing before application and, when applied, cures very fast. TOTALSEAL® 180 is a one part polyurethane adhesive which cures very fast by reaction with atmospheric moisture to give an elastomer with excellent mechanical properties. TOTALSEAL® 180 is specifically designed for very quick replacement of windscreens. The use of TOTALSEAL® 180 allows a one hour* drive away time with two airbags.

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