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What We Offer


Fast-Fix Windshield Repairing & Replacing services is
now at your desired spot. Our Technicians will reach your Home,
your workplace or any other convenient location.

At Fast Fix we will always try our best to repair your windshield
before replacing it to save your time and money.
Therefore, we always advice to repair your chip
as soon as possible before its too late.

Though; the type, size and position of the crack
will determine if repairing is possible or not.

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Our Services

anywhere, anytime

Glass Replacement

Benefits of having an intact windshield are the Complimentary optical quality, Noise reduction by its acoustic nature, Adequate Ultra violet Screening. Replacement process...... READ MORE

Glass Repair

Fast-Fix personnel adhesive techniques build the trust and enhance the company's performance by transforming even the minor broken glass into a poreless...... READ MORE

Glass Polish

Windshield glass pitting is a major problem prevailing in the desert areas. As the dust air hits the surface of windshield it creates pit on the glass surface, which creates...... READ MORE

What Our Clients Say

img imgSyed Abu Thahir

My car had minor cracks at the edge of the windshield. I called Fast-Fix, who immediately arrived with all the necessary tools and completed it with no faults.I will surely recommend to my friends.

img imgAbdulla Ahmed

I contacted Fast-Fix for a crack in my car windshield. Personnel arrived on time and completed the work in less than an hour. The interesting part is the doorstep service, at our convenient spot.

img imgFayaz Mohammed

Yesterday, Fixing my car backdoor glass chip crack worked favorably. Even though I approached Fast-Fix with no confidence I returned happily by your staff's incredible performance. Good job!!!

img imgLuluwa Nazer

Fast and effortless service, satisfied with this talented workforce. I strongly recommend them. I had my windshield repairing and mirror replacing. As their name states, it was a fast and errorless service. 

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